International Conservatory Studio - Concerts, masterclasses, workshops, lessons
Concerts and Workshops Calendar


January 8, Workshop The Art of an Etude for the Kitsap Music Teachers Association, Bremerton WA

January 13, Duet performance, Seattle Central Public Library, 12 noon

January 23, Chopin Foundation Northwest Festival and Competition, Bellevue Presbyterian Church, Bellevue, WA

January 24, SDG concert, Bellevue, WA

January 30, choral workshop, Bellevue, WA

February 3, Workshop for the Gig Harbor Music Teachers Association, Gig Harbor WA

February 27, Bellevue Federation of Music Clubs Festival, Bellevue, WA

March 6, HCS competition, Bellevue, WA

March 10, 11 Adjudications, Walla Walla, WA

March 12, Adjudicator for Greater Seattle Federation of Music Clubs Festival, UW Seattle

March 16-18, Adjudications, Moses Lake, WA

April 9, Solo Recital, Gig Harbor, WA

April 17, Solo Recital, Bellevue Presbyterian Church, Bellevue, WA

May 8, ICS SPRING Recital, Bellevue Presbyterian Church, Bellevue WA

May 14, TEN GRANDS, Benaroya Hall Main Stage, Seattle

May 21, District II Spring Conference, Microsoft, Redmond, WA

June 11, Chamber Music Competition and Festival, Chair, Everett, WA
June 22, WSMTA Conference, Presenter, Walla Walla, WA

July 3, Bellevue Presbyterian Church, Worship Music

August 14, Bellevue Presbyterian Church, Worship Music

September 17, Workshop "First Steps to Artistry", Edmonds MTA, Edmonds WA

September 24, WSMTA Leadership Conference, Speaker, Yakima, WA

October 1, WSFMC State Meeting, Bellevue

October 9, Chicago marathon

October 15, Workshop and masterclass, Wenatchee MTA, Wenatchee, WA,

October 22, Choral workshop, Bellevue Presbyterian Church

October 29, LET meeting

November 5, NSFNC Festival, Chair, Lynnwood, WA

November 8, Workshop, Pyuallup MTA, Pyuallup, WA

November 12, District 2 Fall Conference

November  20, ICS FALL RECITAL, 2 pm,
Bellevue Presbyterian Church

December 4, Redmond, Private performance

December  11, Worship Through Music, Bellevue Presbyterian Church

December 31, Gig Harbor, 
Private performance


January 6, Solo Recital, Trilogy, Redmond, WA

January 11, Duet performance, Seattle Public Library, 12 pm

January 21, Choir Workshop, Bellevue Presbyterian Church

January 28, Chopin Festival, Bellevue Presbyterian Church

January 29, SDG Concert series, Recital, 2pm, Bellevue Presbyterian Church

February 4, Workshop and Masterclass, Vancouver

February 14, Workshop, South King MTA

February 19, NSFMC HCS Schilarship competition, Chair, Lynnwood, WA

March 11, Greater Seattle federation of Music Clubs Festival at UW, Judge

March 12, Greater New Castle federation and Issaquah Federation HCS Scholarship
Competition, New Castle, WA, Judge 

March 18, Sonatina/Sonata Festival,  Chair, Everett, WA

March 25, Olympic/Kitsap Scholarship competition, Senior Awards competition, judge, Poulsbo, WA

April 1, Young Artists Competition, Tacoma, WA, Judge

April 1, SDG All Mozart Performance, Bellevue

April 5, Presentation/workshop for Mount Rainier Chapter WSMTA, Edgewood, WA

April 28, Concerto/Ensemble Festival, Edmonds, WA, Chair

April 29, Sammamish Federation HCS Scholarship Competition, Judge

May 7, ICS Spring Recital, Bellevue Presbyterian Church

May 13, Ten Grands Seattle, Benaroya Hall Main Stage

May 20, District 2 Toastmasters International Spring Conference, Redmond, WA

June 10, Chamber Music Festival and Competition, Chair

July 13-30 Pianos in the Parks! visit for performance schedule

September 10, Bellevue Presbyterian Church (Belpres) offertory performance

September 16, WSFMC Fall Board meeting and State meeting, Bellevue WA

September 23, WSMTA Leadership Conference, Yakima, WA

October 14, 15, Chopin Board featuring Eric Lu in recitals in Kirkland and Bellevue
 October 16, Worjshop When Practice is not Perfect, SCMTA, Everett, WA

October 21, choral workshop, Bellevue, WA

October 29, SCMTA Performance, Hartley mansion

November 4,5,  EMTA Baroque and Classical festival

November 11, District 2 Conference, Lynnwood, WA

November 18, NSFMC Festival, Lynnwood

November 19, ISC November Recital, Belpres, 2pm, Bellevue, WA

December 3, private concert

December 10, Worship through Music, Belpres, 9 and 11 am


January 30-February 1- OMTA masterlessons

February 7, BFMC Festival

February 11, Seattle Public Library,
duet performance

 February 17, Workshop "The Power to Be Nervous!" at the Seattle  Chapter WSMTA

February 22-26, Adjudicator, Yakima MTA Adjudications

February 28, HCS Competition, Bellevue

March 6-7, Adjudicator, Whidbey island MTA

 March 13-14 Adjudicator, Rainier Chapter MTA

April 18, 2013, Workshop "The Power to Be Nervous!" at the Bellingham Chapter WSMTA

April 25, Gig Harbor Competition, Judge

May 8, The Ten Grands!, Solo and ensemble performance at Benaroya Hall Main Stage

May 10, ICS Spring recital, Bellevue

June 13, Stafford Chamber Music Competition, co-chair

June 23, WSMTA Conference, session presenter, Bremerton, WA

July 5, Solo and ensemble performance steamed live from Bellevue 

July 24, Flute Camp, guest presenter, Lake Stevens, WA

September 26, WSMTA Leadership Conference, Yakima WA; Speaker

October 3, District I WSMTA conference, Featured session Presenter,
Marysville,  WA

October 17, all day workshop on overcoming performance anxiety, Puyallup, WA

October 22, Solo Performance, 7 pm, The Landing at Northcut, Seattle

October 24, Choral workshop, Bellevue Presbyterian Church

November 7, District 2 Toastmasters Conference, Microsoft

November 8, SDG concert, Bellevue, WA

November 15, Private Performance, Redmond WA

November 23, Workshop Power to Be Nervous for the Eastside Music Teachers Association, Bellevue, WA

December 13, 9 and 11 am, Worship Through Music, Bellevue Presbyterian Church

December 17, Song Heights Holiday Gala
Performance, 7 pm, The Landing at Northcut, Seattle HAS CHANGED

December 20, 2 pm, ICS Winter Recital, Bellevue Presbyterian Church, Bellevue, WA

December 31, New Year's Eve Gala solo performance, ST. Thomas Episcopal Church, Medina, WA