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ICS lessons are available live via Internet connection or at the ICS base in the Seattle area. Two sessions annually are offered in Colorado Springs, CO. 
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ICS Workshops, available for 
teachers and general audiences
  1. Russian Piano Literature as a Reflection of the Teaching Method and vice versa.
This workshop covers the beginning and intermediate Russian repertoire, available and published in US, and looks at it from the prospective of consistent building on technical and artistic skills. It reflects the wide range of fundamentals of the Russian method as presented in the various selected pieces, analyzed during the workshop. The main goal of the workshop is to discuss how the American teachers and students will benefit from the Russian method and literature. Participants take home many handouts.
 2. Well-rounded Healthy Technique is not a Dream!
The presenter shares her own method based on 26 years of teaching with great results and 40 years of performing, many long days of practicing, and NO injuries! Find out how you can have it all: flawless technique, artistry, musicianship, and command of your instrument. This workshop is very helpful for all levels of teaching and performing, and pianists with former or current injuries.

 3. The Art of an Etude.
 Like a short story, an Etude focuses on one side of a character, technical problem of an etude, but explores it from any possible angle. The importance of teaching Etudes is impossible to overestimate. This workshop shows how to select the Etude that meets your student’s or your needs the best, how to make the best out of it, and how to present it as an artistic showstopper.
4.  Artistry and Technique from the Start.
When and how do we start teaching technique and artistry? Is it too early or are we already late? Those and many other questions are answered extensively in this workshop, illustrated with selections from the early beginner’s repertoire and video clips of young students performing.
5. Out of my Mind, Back in Five Minutes!
 The stress and pressure of multitasking lifestyle takes tall on the minds and wellbeing of teachers. Learning it a hard way from her own burnout experience, presenter will discuss many tips on how to keep your concentration, eliminate external and internal distractions, keep the energy level up, and as
a result, have the best time teaching at every lesson!
 6. The Power to Be Nervous!
After many years of suffering from performance anxiety and stage fright, the presenter is happy to share 11 tips on how to work through it and use it to your benefit. Entertaining and very useful workshop will change your prospective and make you want to perform more! The workshop covers in detail how to prepare your students for competitions, recitals, and adjudications.

7. The New MTNA Certification is for YOU!
The presenter walks the audience step by step through the certification process navigating the "underwater rocks" and giving them tools for a successful completion of the certification requirements. Yelena brings her signature humor to this inspiring presentation.

8. Tips and Tricks from the Magic Hat!
This extremely popular workshop brings to you 38 tips and tricks created by Yelena during over 30 years of performing and teaching experience.
19 tips on how to make the performance come to life and shine, capture your audience' attention, and 19 tips on productive practice and solving physical and mental difficulties.